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TAC003 Five Man Narcotics Team Set

Tactical Miniatures

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SWAT Light? Nah!! These guys have what it takes. They're perfect for kicking in the door of your neighborhood drug or gang warlord. Four of the team are sporting the universal body armor and H&K MP5, plus backup weapons. The fifth man is the team sniper, armed with his Remington sniper rifle and an AR-15 slung for backup. This is a unit of five 28mm scale NARC Squad members including 25mm resin Urban Bases. Also included are cardstock markers for crouching, prone, flashbang and chalk outlines. Designed for Mobocracy - Body Count Skirmish Rules. Models painted and photographed by James Wappel. Sculpted by Dave Summers. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Supplied with 25mm round plastic slotta bases. Cityscape bases shown are available separately.

For use with Mobocracy - Body Count miniature skirmish game.