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1. How long will it take to complete fulfillment of my order?

We custom cast each order that comes in. Our most popular items are kept in stock but many items are cast to order. We ask up to 20 business days (1 month) for order fulfillment. Casting on demand keeps our costs down and our product affordable for the gamer.

2. Do you accept personal checks and money orders?

In short, Yes!

The long answer is fulfillment times will be longer. Along with the 20 business days (1 month) to custom cast your order, we do not start working on the order until the funds have been received, deposited and cleared in Armorcast's banking institute. Delays in sending the funds will only push back the time before the order can be shipped.

3. You show a painted model in the description, but you sent me a kit! Why?

It is hobby industry standard to display a finished model so a gamer has a point of reference on how the model can be painted. The status of the model is openly noted as such in each product description. It is not Armorcast's intent to be duplicitous to our customers. It is the responsibility of the customer to do their due diligence and read the item descriptions carefully and ask questions for any further clarification.