TAC002 Five Man High-Tech Criminal Set

Tactical Miniatures

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This is a crew of five 28mm high tech criminals including 25mm Urban Bases. Also included are cardstock markers for crouching, prone, flashbang and chalk outlines.
You won't find these bad asses doing thrill seeker liquor store hold-ups. They'll be busy making a large withdrawal from your neighborhood financial institution. Armed with advanced assault rifles, handguns, body armor, and lots of ammo this crew is perfect for dealing with those pesky Johnny Law types. We setup this pack for quick aggressive action. Not a lot of extra gear here, the name of the game is get in and get out. Models painted and photographed by James Wappel. Sculpted by Drew Williams. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

Supplied with 25mm round plastic slotta bases. Cityscape bases shown are available separately.

For use with Mobocracy - Body Count miniature skirmish game.