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Labor Day Weekend 2020

Sep 5th 2020

Happy Labor Day. I will not be shipping out orders on Monday since it is a US Federal Holiday and the Post Office will be closed. I will be shipping out orders I have completed on Tuesday Morning. I w … read more

Full Account Vs. Guest Account

Posted by Armorcast on Apr 9th 2020

I hear this all the time... "Why should i sign up for an account? I don't want to give away my information to just get SPAM'd!"That is a good set of questions to be concerned about. First off, Armorca … read more

COVID-19 Notice, Flooded Workshop and Stomach Flu

Posted by Armorcast on Mar 24th 2020

9-14-20Another Round at The Retina SpecialistWell, I had good news at the eye doctor last week that everything looked stable and I am back on the eye drops to stave off Glaucoma. This afternoon I have … read more