Full Account Vs. Guest Account

Posted by Armorcast on Apr 9th 2020

I hear this all the time... "Why should i sign up for an account? I don't want to give away my information to just get SPAM'd!"That is a good set of questions to be concerned about. First off, Armorca … read more

COVID-19 Notice, Flooded Workshop and Stomach Flu

Posted by Armorcast on Mar 24th 2020

7-16-20THE SUMMER OF GEORGE!Well, to add to the general suckatude of 2020, this past Sunday afternoon I stumbled walking down the steps and slipped down several steps, messing up my knee, hip and scra … read more

Gen Con Painting Tutorials 2020

Mar 8th 2020

I will be attending Gen Con 2020 at the miniature Hobby Events Area once again and expanding the number of painting tutorials this year. Bookmark this page or join our Facebook Group here: