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DR120 Urgzahk Bodyguard Orcs

DragonRune Miniatures

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Urgzahk Bodyguard Orcs are some of the greatest killers and warriors among the goblinoids! Masses of muscles covered in armor with a single-minded purpose..... Kill & Destroy!!!

These Orcs are usually distributed around the army as leaders of the common Orc regiments.

Their enormous size and ferocity is a guarantee to keep the smaller Orcs concentrated on battle. Orcs only understand the language of the stronger, and Urgzahk Bodyguard Orcs know perfectly well how to apply this language to its maximum expression!

Urgzahk Bodyguard Orcs are not only easily identified by their big size & brutality, but also by Urgzahk's personal symbol, the horned skull crafted on their armor and shields!

Only in the hardest battles will the Urgzahk Bodyguard Orcs fight as a whole unit. But when they do, they create the most frightful and destructive Orc regiment that any warrior may face! There is the Champion, Standard bearer, Musician and seven tropers.

The figures are multi-part pewter castings and need assembly and are supplied unpainted. Square 25mm bases are supplied.

Sculpted by Felix Paniagua