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WARSCR002 Arcane Scrolls and Tomes #1

Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop

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Tired of trying to paint script on your Necromancer’s tome? Are you sick of attempting to be a scribe a tome in miniature? Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop solves this problem with this first decal set that contains Arcane styled scripts. Use the Arcane Scripts and Scrolls decal to add detail your Necromancers, Ratmen and cult followers in any Fantasy or for any Dark Sci-Fi gaming world. Place these decals on scrolls, tomes, and spell books. The decal sheet is approximately 1. 5" wide x 1.0" tall (40mm x 25mm). The small scrolls are .125" wide x .188" tall and the larger are .188" wide x .25" tall.