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Gothic Scripts and Scrolls #3

Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop

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Gothic Scripts and Scrolls #2 is an excellent decal to add variety and flavor for your Fantasy or Sci-Fi gaming world. Add to your zealots, leaders of the inquisition and religious fanatics. Expanding on Gothic Scripts and Scrolls #1, popular slogans such as Honor, Glory and Mortis highlight this sheet. Place these decals on scrolls, tomes, spell books, shields, and shoulder pads, especially on sci-fi flame shooters - anywhere! The decal sheet is approximately 2.12" wide x 1.125" tall (53mm x 30mm). The smaller text is .25" wide x .06" tall, the larger text is .5" wide x .125" tall. The small scrolls are .125" wide x .188" tall and the larger are .188" wide x .25" tall. Also view Gothic Scripts and Scrolls #1 & #2 for more variants and all three designs are available in black or white.