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WARSCP004 Nordic Scripts & Scrolls Waterslide Decal

Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop

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Nordic Scripts and Scrolls #1 is an excellent waterslide decal to add variety and flavor to your fantasy or sci-fi miniatures. Add them to your zealots, barbaric leaders and dwarven warriors. Popular slogans such as "Repent" and "Heretic", highlight this sheet. Place these decals on scrolls, tomes, spell books, shields, and shoulder pads - anywhere! The decal sheet is approximately 2.125" wide x 1.125" tall (53mm x 30mm). The smaller text is .25" wide x .06" tall, the larger text is .5" wide x .125" tall. The small scrolls are .125" wide x .188" tall and the larger are .188" wide x .25" tall.