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ACTW012 6" Tall Large Hex Platform


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Armorcast's Tech Walk system allows for fast pace tactical combat in a dark futuristic setting and takes your skirmishes into the third dimension! Designed for infantry and other figures on 32mm or smaller bases, this multi-level system offers advantages for snipers, and other infantry specialists to get the drop on other units. The kit includes one large sized armored hexagonal fire base platform with three entrance / egress points as well as three 6" tall platform column. An excellent expansion piece for Armorcast's Tech Walk system for tabletop skirmish games. 

It makes a great play space for gang type games with capture the flag and hold the high ground scenarios. It is structurally very sound and steady and packs into a smallish box when done. The gritty details of a worn, rusted and combat damaged fire base are sculpted into the design. It works well with games like Osprey's Scrappers, Megacon’s MERCS 2.0, Games Workshop’s Shadow War Armageddon, Corvis Belli’s Infinity, Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K, and other futuristic small squad games. Individual pieces can be used to form piers and outlooks on the short, and pedestrian walkways over major roads. It works well with Armorcast’s Tech Canals, Gothtech Structures, Overhead Pipeline and Modular Refinery. All walkways are modular, interchangable and (with the tiniest bit of effort) easily adaptable to other buildings kits.

Supplied in resin. The model is unpainted and unassembled in 28mm Heroic scale. Miniature shown for scale and not included with the model.

Terrain supplied unpainted and unassembled .