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OADW002 Dwarf Tavern Dwellers

Lance & Laser Miniatures

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Set 2 Figure Details:  Dwarf Inn Keeper, Drunken Dwarf, Dwarves on Bench (The Booze Brothers), Dwarf Barmaid, Dwarf Bagpiper. All supplied unpainted. Average height measurements are 25mm from foot to eye level. Sculpted by Bob Olley. Figures sold unpainted with molded in pewter base. Great for D&D, Mordheim, Frostgrave, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder.


Please note the marked up photo for a breakdown in the mins. The set is five figures, one figure casting has two minis in one. So please do not email me that you received only 5 figures when the photo shows 6, two are molded together!

Cast in lead free pewter.

Model sculpted in 28 mm scale and supplied unpainted and unassembled.