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LL00709 Ghost

Lance & Laser Miniatures

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You see a sickly green glow in the distance and the rattling of chains. The Cleric holds his holy symbol close to his chest and utters prayers under his breath. Then the Cleric hears a deadly moan and tries to hold the cross tighter, but his fingers now ache and he can't hold onto his symbol. He looks down to see his symbol fall to the ground with a rattle. He also notices his hands look aged and frail. He tries to grab his holy symbol and sees a reflection if an old man... The ghost moves forward to absorb the remaining life from the befuddled Cleric.

The figure is sculpted by Glenn Harris in Heroic 28mm. Supplied with a 20mm square slotta base and unpainted. Miniature painted by Ginfritter. Scale is shown scale and not apart of the product.