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GFGK001 54mm Anime School Girl with Hamster Gun

Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop

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54mm Scale (2.25 inches tall) Anime School Girl with her gun: the HAM-HAMMER 3000.

Let others dwell on the problems of the past, ACME corporation looks to the FUTURE!

The new HAM-HAMMER 3000 represents a quantum leap in rodent delivery technology. Improvements include:

- A 30mm barrel nearly eliminating tube-jam and greatly reducing the risk of blow-through or backfire.
- Teflon coated acceleration chambers for easy cleanup.
- DIAL-A-BITE, now, with the press of a lever you can set the exact masticatory parameter you need from a warning nibble or a determined gnaw to ... well!

The miniature will be resin cast in six pieces: a detailed base, the school girl, her gun, two pony tails and the rodent projectile being shot out of the gun. Sculpted by Tom Meier.