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Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop

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In the Age of Chivalry, great and powerful knights protected the people. Galloping on great steeds with shining and emblazoned shields, surcoats and tabards these knights displayed the heraldry of their knightly deeds. Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop helps out the young Grandmaster of the chapter by producing a line of Fleur de Lis in Gold. The sheet is approximately 4 .13" wide x 1.56" tall (117mm x 40 mm). There are (50) mini Fleur de Lis that are 2.5mm tall, (60) medium Fleur de Lis and there are  6mm tall and (8) large Fleur de Lis tht are 12.5mm tall. Excellent for Games Workshop Sisters of Battle or finger nail embellishments. The iconography is suitable for Warhammer AoS, Warhammer 40k, Frostgrave and Runewars. This decal is also available in gold and black outline.